Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carpisa Ads & Doodles

Yesterday, while reading the newspaper, I found some pages with ads by this bags/purses franchising brand, Carpisa, popular here in Italy.
I was very glad to see that doodles and zentangles have been used for their winter ads.
You can view more here:
(just click under the image of the website to start the video)
Here is a sample:


  1. Hi from Palermo :)
    I keep on writing in English, since your blog is international :D
    I've noticed Carpisa advertising at the first sight and was so amused I knew what they had done ;) who knows who is the designer?
    Keep in touch and have a good start in the new year!

  2. Ciao Adele!
    Thanks for commenting!
    I don't know who the designer is... I'll try to find out.
    Have a wonderful 2011!!