Monday, August 30, 2010

The Elements: Water

Elements are very important in everyone's Spiritual Path.
Today I had to go to the dentist...... My health problems finally resulted in teeth trouble. The dentist gave me bad news for my pocket. While he was talking I started a relaxation technique, and it led me to thinking about WATER and its calming qualities. Usually I'm not a water fan. But today I started visualizing me being in a sort of amniotic bag, quiet and warm, and relaxed. I'll have to use it when the dentist starts working on my teeth!!
Here is what I "zentangled" when I came back home.


  1. Beautiful work! You can see the relaxed rhythms, but I also see a bit of whimsy. I suspect you are someone who sees a lot of humor in life.

  2. Well, I've been suffering from depressions for my whole life. But like clowns, I hide my melancholy behind a funny mask. :)