Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Elements: Earth

Earth is my favorite Element. Perhaps it is because all my physical illness dwells in my first Chakra: Muladhara, the Root. The Element connected to this Chakra is Earth.
In Crystal Healing we use red or brown (even black, sometimes) stones to activate or heal the Root.

This is my tangled Earth:

I won't start a class of Crystal Healing here. :) If you want to know something more about the subject, please visit  
Wikipedia on Chakras
or read this wonderful book:

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  1. Thanks for putting a link to my blog on yours, I will do the same. I love your Zentangles. Really creative. Keep coming back to The Doodle Daily, I will have plenty more coming up soon. Did you see my new ZenDoo greetings?
    All the best