Monday, September 29, 2014

NEWS! and My 16th Pattern: WORMETTE

Hello, Dear Souls!!
After almost three weeks of silence, here I am again!
I now have a new internet connection that costs twice less than the one I had before. I have limited daily gigabytes, but it will be good enough for my needs.

In my last post I wrote about some news.
Here we go!

1) Hubby is having his cardioversion tomorrow morning. I hope everything is going well and that he can solve his problem.

2) In a few days I'll leave my house/hubby/cats and go away for a job in another region. Do you remember my little town in Abruzzi? Yes, there!! :) I have found some people for private English lessons. My Mom has a vacant flat there (my late Aunt's) and she agreed to leave it to me for some months. So, hey, next time I'll post from there! :)
Yesterday I was thinking about the steps that led me to the current situation. All the "coincidences" that happened when I asked for a CHANGE in my life:
- In December 2013 I lost my job.
- In February I had a surgery that freed me from 20+ years of pain.
- In May my Aunt died and left her flat vacant.
- In August, as we could not afford to go away for Summer holidays, we went to Abruzzi with my Mom and Dad. I met old friends and talked about finding a job. 
- In September I exchanged some emails with friends with children who needed some private English lessons (in Italy English is not taught well in schools).
In the midst of all this my hubby was diagnosed with heart problems and now he is going to solve them (cross fingers!!!). :)
Moreover, lately I have found a caterpillar (I hadn't seen one in years) which is a symbol of renovation/rebirth/change and I keep dreaming snakes and water.
Look how beautiful and strange it is!
So, I am more than convinced that this is going to be a good choice.
Wish me luck, my friends!
Being without internet left me more time for drawing and doodling.
I created my 16th Tangle Pattern

And here are a couple of "marine" drawings.
They told me I could be anything I wanted. So I chose to be a Unicorn.

Have a great week!
And see you soon!


  1. The caterpillar is very intriguing looking. I like your new tangle and the artwork is lovely.

  2. Your news is heart warming, by now your Husband will have had his operation and i am hoping all went well and he is recovering with you by his side.

    Be careful for what you ask for... Am so happy you have found some work even if it is in your home town and now where you live now. Your home town looks beautiful, you should be able to regenerate and blossom here.

    Loving the new tangle and your doodles as always are so cute :-) xxx

  3. I wish you all the luck in the world!
    It is so good to hear from you ;o)
    Isn't it interesting, when you put everything together, how, everything connects?
    I hope everything is solved with your hubby! Sending him prayers!
    That caterpillar doesn't even look real! He is so cool looking!
    Love the new art ;o)
    Much love and Big Hugs, xoxoxox

  4. I wish you and your husband the best of everything. Love your new tangle.

    Good thoughts and good wishes.

  5. very cute tangle and am intrigued by your mermaid, she is sweet. Wishing you much success and good health to your husband. :)

  6. Just love the caterpillar, and everything on your blog. Adore your Tangle It! Journal book, and will be buying the other two ASAP. HUGS!!!!