Saturday, June 29, 2013

New ChakrART Journal Page & Russian Dolls

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Last week I have been meditating on my First Chakra ( you can find all the lessons under the top header of this blog).
This is what I made.
Endometriosis can be very sly. Making you feel allright for a while and then suddenly striking at 4 AM... 
I think this piece reveals the shape of endometriosis cavities which grow inside my belly. But it also shows the relief after avery strike: the cloud brings coldness and the sun/mandala helps focusing on healing.

And now a couple of Russian Dolls. Sorry for the one on the right: there was some bleedthrough from the Chakra page...


  1. Beautiful artwork - however I'm sorry that you've been suffering and hope you are feeling better. I still have to finish the course, but they are printed out, will dig them out this weekend as I loved them!

  2. Awesome your beautiful designs!

  3. Fantastic my friend! I was reorganizing my blog, I lost your button for your free workshop! I have to get it back on there! I am hoping by August, I can start doing the workshop!!! Big Hugs and Be Well!!!