Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Journal: Second Lesson of ChakrART FREE Workshop

Hello fellow souls!!
I'm so glad that this event reached so many people around the world! 
Thank you all for your participation and support! :)

The Second Lesson: Svadhishtana Chakra has been posted  and we already have the first works arriving!

My entry for the Secon Week of CHAKRART FREE WORKSHOP deals with TRANSFORMATION.
It reads: " Every life is a continuous transformation. In the end we all become a beautiful butterfly".
I have used a half face I made some time ago. I thought it would make a nice butterly wing, so I glued it opposite to the other drawn wing.
My life has been (and is) a continuous transformation, full of good and bad experiences.
The important thing is to keep on living, learning, growing, because everything you learn will be useful one day.

Now, show me your works!


  1. Gosh I love your work! Can't even explain how much "life" I feel from it :D XXX

  2. This page is gorgeous. Love the colors and detail!

    Have a great day!

  3. Beautiful pages!! I've been reading your workshops but just haven't had a chance to create any pages around it. I want them to flow, not be rushed so I'll do them when I really have the time to reflect and art.

  4. Oh that is a fabulous page and I love the concept of us turning into butterflies and transforming learning to accept and learning to 'fly' - off to read the lesson!

  5. Stunning my friend! I truly love it!!! This workshop is amazing!! Thank you!

  6. Great page and I love the meaning. Butterflies are an eternal symbol for transformation.

  7. Simona love,
    your image for the 2 . chakra has become so beautiful. In Germany there is a saying: "butterflies in my stomach" when we are falling in love.
    And when we feel more alive and connected to everything, as if we are in love ...
    I love your painting and the butterflies as a symbol.
    Hugs and love

    1. Yes, Erika. We say the same in Italy. :)
      Apart from cats, I love winged beings, either birds or butterflies. They always give me a sense of freedom and spirit elevation.

  8. que preciosa interpretación de la transformación! gracias por este taller yo estoy haciendo ahora mi página.

  9. That is so beautiful and emotional. I love the transformation.