Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Be Who You Are & Pizza Rolls!

My second favorite month has started! 
We have gone from Summer to Winter in one night here in North Italy. Where has Autumn gone?!?!!?
Yesterday was also my first of four days of vacation!
I have been busy drawing, cooking (what? me?!) and making Greek yogurt.
As I wrote in another post, me and my hubby are not in avery good situation, lately. He is working a few days each month and I earn a very low pay.
BUT luckily we don't have a loan or a rent to pay, because our house has already been paid (phew!).
BUT, still, how can we afford paying the bills, insurances and food with only my pay?
Well, we have started making things by ourselves:
We eat at home.
We make gnocchi, muffins, soups, yogurt, bread... (it takes time, but at least I'm learning something about cooking.. ehehe!).
We make our own cleaning stuff.
My husband has cut in half his cigarettes smoking.  (yeah!)
We began 2 weeks ago, and I can see that we are saving some money when we go for the grocery shopping.
Of course, I have had to low down my books purchasing... But, anyway, I have tons of books, and some of them are worth a double reading! :)

Well, back to my drawings now.
This is the finished Catwoman piece. 
Do you like it?

And for those of you who like cooking, here are some pics of my Pizza Roll (I found the recipe somewhere, but I don't remember the link now).
I used pizza base, butter, red onion, zucchini and cheese.


  1. I'm sorry for your situation. Looks like you have found a temporary relief. You can always get free ebooks from amazon. :) That's what I do. Pizza rolls look delicious and that Cleopatra kitten looks wonderful.

  2. Your "Catwoman" is delightful and so is the lettering. We will give your pizza roll a try, it looks so good and in the meantime, I hope your work situation improves.

  3. YUMMY! And love your Catwoman! Creatively cool!

  4. Your new cat woman is so sweet! Love her! I am proud of you and your hubby! You will do it!!! Make sure to give each other a hug a day ;o) Big Hugs ;o)