Saturday, November 3, 2012

Green Dream & M.A.N.

I like this one very much. Love her face and her hair.

And now let me introduce you my friend Stefania from COLLECTIBLE PAPER DOLLS.
Stefania is a great artist, and recently had her amazing paper sculptures showed at MAN (Museo d'Arte provincia di Nuoro), in beautiful Sardinia.
The show is called MITI E FIABE (Myths & Fairytales) and it's really worth a visit.
Here is one of Stef's magical works:


  1. sooo cool thank you so much and go go go Simo!

  2. oh, how the Green Dream! Face is perfect!

  3. She looks very elegant, as does your friend's lovely paper doll sculpture too!

  4. Un joli partage...
    Votre dernier dessin est très beau. J'aime leurs lignes.
    Gros bisous

  5. Your Green Dream is amazing!!! She looks very wise ;o) And, the dolls are fantastic! Breathe taking!!!