Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As Ebay allows me to put on auction only 10 items per month, I thought it would be better to put my ACEOs in my Etsy Shop: BLACKPUMPKIN'S MESSY STUDIO (click for link).

I want to remember you that all the profits coming from sales on Ebay and Etsy (any item) will be used for 
ZEN DOLLS PROJECT (click for info). I will create 20 canvases that will be used for a humanitarian cause. Any help will be well accepted.  If you don't want to buy one of my works, you can donate 1$ using the ChipIn widged on the left side of my blog.
I thought about ACEOs, because they are not very expensive and people can collect them (and I also like their size!!) :)

Here are my new ACEOs. More Zen Dolls and Zen Witches coming soon!

And Zend Doll #1 which SOLD today!


  1. Like these, they're fun.. meow... :)

  2. They're all so cute! Good luck with sales.

  3. Shoot, I missed out on the Zend Doll! All the aceo's are wonderful my friend ;o) Hugs ;o) Good luck ;o)

  4. Ils ont tous de fabuleux regards...
    gros bisous

  5. Tried to chip in but it doesn't let you add an amount? What am I doing wrong?

  6. Oh, I love kittens! :) These are fantastic!

  7. No luck with chip in. It keeps just saying invalid amount :S