Monday, April 23, 2012

13 Goddesses Week #8 - Roman: Minerva

First of all today, I want to THANK YOU very much the wonderful friends who purchased ALL my ACEOs on Ebay. This won't be forgotten!
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Now, on with this week's Goddess!

Roman Goddess: Minerva

Minerva was the goddess of arts and crafts. She was particularly good at weaving. Once a woman called Arachne wove a beautiful picture. Minerva tried to find something wrong with it. When she couldn't, she tore it up and turned Arachne into a spider. The spider still weaves beautiful webs.
Minerva helped the hero Perseus to kill the Gorgon Medusa, who was a monster with snakes hair. Anyone who looked at a Gorgon turned to stone. But Minerva told Perseus to look at Medusa's reflection in a polished shield. That way he could cut the head off without looking directly at the Gorgon. He gave the head to Minerva, who put it on her shield, so it would turn her enemies to stone. 

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  1. Ha! Wouldn't want to get on her wrong side would you lol :D Fabulous Goddess :D XXX

  2. She is so cool Simona! I love the spider tale and the tale about Medusa! Don't mess with Minerva! I will be posting my Goddess soon ;o)

  3. Ditto what Gina said! I love how you made her blue top look "silky". Very pretty color.

  4. Une très jolie petite déesse...
    Gros bisous

  5. Well, Minerva sounds like a bitch! :)) But you made her looks so innocent and cute. Beautiful!