Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doodles and ATCs

This will be my last week with my nephews.... Two of them are going back to the other side of the world (they were here on holiday), and - if my wallet will allow me -  I'm going to see them in August.
We have been working a lot on creativity and drawings this year, and I'm really glad they have exchanged their ATCs with kids and adults all over the world. :)
While they produced their little pieces of art, I had the time to create some myself.
Here they are:


  1. Oh, brilliant!! Fun, vibrant colours - I love these!! :-)

  2. Delicious looking peas and pumpkins!
    Love the underwater theme too!

  3. I love them all – should we trade in a second round???

  4. How wonderfully delightful. I like to make ATC but have no idea how to go about trading them. I'd love to find out how to get started. ☺

  5. Outstanding work - especially love the first one, the little 'peapods'.