Monday, January 10, 2011

Curly Hair & Owls ACEOs on Sale on Etsy & ATCs for Trade on Flickr

Last ACEOs for this week.
I also made some new ATCs and started trading. My first trade went to Thailand today! :)
Click on the images to be redirected to my Etsy Shop and my Flickr Album.
I know I haven't been doing any real zentangle or doodle lately. I always starve for novelties, and change often my interests. But I don't want to quit this one. So I'll post some new doodle soon!


  1. Don't ever quit ! these card are wonderful and got already all-draw,tangel,style! and for sure you loved making them !congrats for your trade !
    love that crazy hair and cutable sleepy owl ! is the background watercolor?i like the tone v much!