Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bloom & Attempts at ATCs/ACEOs

This week I've been working on ATC/ACEO cards. I would definitely like starting a collection of them, and I'm also willing to trade/sell.
But I didn't forget to doodle, too. I made this last drawing while watching "Warehouse 13", which I find very inspiring. :)
The ATCs/ACEOs are triptyches, because I love the way you put them together and make a longer image.
These haven't been cut yet.


  1. These triptychs are amazing! Love the idea of them…

  2. gorgeous ,happy cards !
    ps i love dots shading too :)great job!

  3. I would be very interested in trading with you. These are lovely.

  4. Most of my Art Cards can be found at

    Take your pick. If you give me one of your triptycs, then you get three of mine. I really do like your word.

  5. OZ How do I get your snail addy? And How do I let you know which one is my favorite?

    BTW, I checked and I have all three of your cards ready to go :-)