Monday, August 22, 2016

13 Goddesses Challenge - Week #13: CHINESE & Ever after 2016


Our journey has come to an end!

Last week of

Let me tell you that it has been a pleasure to view all your creations (mostly on our Facebook group). And I'll be glad if you join me for 2017 edition! :)

This week prompt is


I chose Goddess


She is a Sun Goddess, mother of ten Suns who had the shape of a three legged crow.
Her name can be translated as "Breath of Peace".

Last month I totally forgot to post my piece for the third lesson of 

Click here to view more details
The theme was Snow White and the lesson was very tough!
I made a mess right in the beginning but, as I hate to waste paper, I tried to save it in some way. :)
This is the result (totally the opposite of the lesson teaching... hehehe!!) of which, anyway, I am not disappointed. ;)

Now, show me your Goddess!
You can join anytime until December 31st, 2016! 
(You can add your URL below until September 22th. As Inlinkz allows links for only 30 days, if you join the challenge after that date, please post your link in the comments and I will come visit!)
Check out the guidelines and weekly prompts HERE.
Enjoy and see you next time! 


  1.! Just spotted spell checker changed Goddess!

  2. Lovely Sun the little bird upon her sweet!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I really have enjoyed seeing and reading about all your lovely goddesses! Great how you saved your portrait too.

  4. You did amazing!! Truly beautiful!! Love the crow! And your Snow White is WOW!!!

  5. I really love the sun goddess. Especially her lips. I am with you I don't like wasting paper or paint. Have a great weekend.

  6. Both are lovely creations!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. I like your sun-goddess! That would have been a fun challenge to join in on, great job!

  8. Love your latest Goddess Xihe she truned out well. because of an injury I had to drop out of the challenge but I will gladly join 2017 I really enjoyed the challenge.

  9. great hair and background on your goddess :) Your snow white has a very nice earthy look to her :)

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