Monday, June 6, 2016

13 Goddesses Challenge - Week #2: CELTIC or NORDIC - CERRIDWEN

Here we go with our second week of the


Lately I am beeing fascinated by dark or old Goddesses.
Like Cerridwen.
She is a Celtic Welsh Goddess and Enchantress of Transformation, stirring in her cauldron a potion that grants wisdom and inspiration.
She is a Shapeshifter and a Goddess of Rebirth: she ate Gwion Bach, became pregnant and gave birth to the famous bard Taliesin.

The meaning of her name is controversial. It could be translated as either "Croocked Woman" or "White/Pure Woman".

You can read her story in 

This time I remembered to take pics while drawing my goddess! :)

First I sketched her face in my handmade journal.

Then I started to create skin tones using watersoluble pastels and my (almost dead) paper blender.

Added the Cauldron.

Don't ask me why I chose these colors for her hair. It came to me that way. :)
Maybe it's for her double nature: death and rebirth.

Adding final touches.

And here she is!

What do you think?

If you like Fairytales, there is this course starting in July.
And Tam's class "Fabulous Faces" is a great start if you are a beginner with faces. I learned a lot!
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Now, show me your Goddess! :)
You can join anytime until December 31st, 2016!
(You can add your URL below until July 6th. As Inlinkz allows links for only 30 days, if you join the challenge after the end of June, please post your link in the comments and I will come visit!)

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  1. Oh I love her hair! What a fascinating goddess, I enjoyed learning about her and seeing your work in progress images.

  2. Excellent! Love her! Thanks for showing how she was created! I love that!!!

  3. Your goddess with the wonderful hair and mysterious smile is very fascinating and looks so strong and serene. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. She is beautiful! And I enjoy seeing your process.

  5. I find seeing other artists work progress fascinating. Thank you for sharing... she's stunning. Happy PPF to you

  6. Fantastic Goddess. I loved seeing her in process. Thanks for linking up on my site.


  7. Great her wrinkled nose.. Thanks for sharing your process!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Love your goddess, so creative!

  9. It's fantastic to see how you have created this face! I love the hair!

  10. I love how your Goddess turned out. The hair is perfect! What an interesting story behind her. :)

  11. I love how those final touches really transform the piece. Great work!

  12. Wonderful sketches. I love the stripes. :)