Saturday, May 21, 2016

Faces & New Patterns: SLOS and KAULA

I had some spare time yesterday night.
I visited Willowing's website and was amazed by Tam's new collaborative course starting on July 1st!

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  I soooooo wish I can attend it!!Four months of fairytales and art! 
I do love synchronicities, and this course popped out while I am working on a couple of fairytales for an art workshop project. 
So, let's HO'OPONOPONO! HO'OPONOPONO! HO'OPONOPONO! HO'OPONOPONO! for a good chance to sign in!

Talking about Tam's classes, some years ago I purchased a couple (she also has some FREE amazing classes in her website). Yesterday I re-watched her self study class
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This is a piece from last night "20 minutes sketch". :)

To the patterns now!
I an participating in PATTERN-COLLECTIONS.COM's
a new way of looking at patterns.
 I have tried lesson #1 using my pattern "FORTUNA" as a base, and this is the result:
 There are at least 5 new patterns in here!
Here are the steps for the first two: SLOS and KAULA
 Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. A lovely sketched face- super shading
    and gorgeous patterns!
    oxo Susi

  2. lovely sketch and patterns too!

  3. What a sweet sketch and the patterns are wonderful too!

  4. Pretty faces! And I also thank you for sharing the zen doodle patterns :)

  5. Taking online classes can be so refreshing and fun. I sure hope you get to take that class! Wonderful work on your big-eyed girl and fantastic job with the patterns. :)

  6. I hope you can take the class! I love your face and the new designs!

  7. Tam does have some great classes and she's such a beautiful soul too. Enjoy!

    Very nice work on your portrait and designs. :)