Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holidays Shopping Idea #5: TANGLE IT! PRACTICE BOOK (2 versions)

And here is our last surprise for this AMAZINGLY CREATIVE 2015!

An Ina wrote: "All three of us were missing a book that allows us to record step by step instructions for patterns and a place to practice. We love tangling, however individual tiles are easily lost. When we realized that each of us use a journal to organize, practice, and store tiles, we decided to create “the perfect book for tanglers”. A place where we have it all: record step outs AND lots of room to tangle. Our combined experience produced this lovely Practice Book".

So, here it is (AND in 2 versions!!)

  • store 256 step outs,
  • tangle 240 blank squares, and work with
  • 144 pre-strung tiles.
We included a basic introduction to tangling, shading, and creating strings, plus a few interesting topics to inspire you.

This book is available in 2 versions: black & white and full color (deluxe)
The Deluxe Edition on the right is in full color and the paper is thicker.
The Black & White Editions contains only Black and White pages.

I hope you will enjoy them as we did!

Have a great weekend!

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