Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Before Surgery...

This is going to be my last post before surgery!
Yes! On Thursday my life will change forever.
I guess I'll be at the hospital for less than a week.

I'm leaving you with a couple of journal pages.

The challenge at SCRAPPIN' SISTERS was to create a journal page about your favorite group/singer/actor/actress.

I chose QUEEN. The best band of all times, for me. :)

For JOURNAL52 the theme was "you make me smile"

Ah ah! :)

I have also added some Valentines and Easter printables to my ETSY SHOP.
Check them out!
See you next week!


  1. I really hope your surgery goes well. Lot's of positive thoughts :) I love your journal pages! Queen was an awesome group and your artpages are beautiful tribute. Love and light -Niina

  2. Hope your Surgery goes well!

    Loved Queen, your tribute to them is fabulous:-)

  3. They are beautiful! Best wishes for a wonderfully successful and uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery. I prayed for you and your doctors.

  4. Love your new art! Queen rocks!
    My friend, all the best with your surgery! Sending big warm hugs ;o)

  5. Simona, I love your "You make me Smile" - it did more than that, it made me laugh out loud!
    May your surgery and recovery go smoothly so you can come home and produce your art, and live your life, without pain and worry. I will be thinking of you, and looking forward to hearing from you on your blog - I so enjoy your style and your love of life.

  6. Your work still amazes me and it does make me smile.
    May your recovery be fast and good. Sending all good karma your way.

  7. Good luck Simona with your surgery. Thinking of you.
    Kyles xo