Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick Update #4: Some Sales & Zazzle Items

I have sold a couple of my cats drawings that I had exposed at my workplsce. :)
This week I have read some posts by fellow art bloggers dealing with the new Etsy policy. It looks like they are no more considered a "just-handmade" company...
So I'm perusing the web to find a new suitable website where I can sell my artworks.
Any suggestions? Experiences?

Here are the two "cats on a wall" drawings that I sold.

And these are are a couple chakra-inspired pieces.

I have also opened a SPOONFLOWER SHOP!
There's only one design at the moment, but I will add something new soon.
With Spoonflower you can create your fabrics, wallpapers and giftwrap papers! 
I cannot wait for my fabric sample to arrive! :))


  1. Congratulations honey :D XXX

  2. My friend, what did you hear about Etsy? They just had their big meeting and they are really cracking down, on things that are handmade, more then ever! I am sticking with them ;o) I have talked to other people too, and they still think Etsy is the best place. You know how much I love your art!! Congrats on the sales ;o) Big Hugs ;o)