Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quick Update #2: Society6 & a Handmade Journal

This month is going to be the Quick Updates Month. Eheheh!!
In September I found out that my endometriosis has sufaced again, and my doctor had me an injection that will prepare me for surgery (I hope) in January/February.
This injection has many side effects and I am suffering almost all of them.
So, until december I will have to keep calm, come back from work and lay down on my couch and make some art. I'm feeling like a one hundred years old. :)

But let's talk about art now!
This is what I've been up lately.
I have opened a SOCIETY6 SHOP! There you can find cards, ihpone covers, tote bags, pillows...
I really like the tote bags and the pillows. They could be nice Yule presents. :)

And, with the same style, I made a little journal for a friend.

I'll try to post something more during the weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell again and hopefully all will be made better after your operation. Just hang in there. Your shop looks so great and the tote bags are especially fabulous.

  2. I am hoping that you feel better soon. Things take time and it is all a healing process. You have made such beautiful things. I love your style. Thank you for sharing.

  3. J'adore votre style et l'humour qui se dégage de votre travail

  4. Oh sending you light and love for healing.. The art is gorgeous...that society 6 has so many beautiful pieces over there! Love the pumpkins and the cats!!Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Sorry to here of your health problems - wishing you plenty of healing energy - I love the pieces in your Society6 Shop!! I think I registered there but didn't do anything else about it - maybe I'll go take another look. I really like that cat journal cover - wonderful! good luck with your shop. x

  6. terrific projects. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. sorry you're not feeling so well. Sending healing thoughts to you. Your society6 products look fabulous!!!

  8. Hello, I too am sorry to hear about your health problems, your art is wonderful! I'm sure it must help you, best wishes your way!

  9. Your shop looks amazing. So sorry about your endometriosis. Hopefully creating your beautiful art will take your mind of it for a while. Happy PPF

  10. Love your designs-especially the jack-o-lantern at the top.

  11. Take it easy, it's a tough one. I had a friend go through this. Everything looks like cloth. . .did you paint on cloth or put them together like the quilters do? Just fantastic creativity. Blessings, Janet PPF