Saturday, March 2, 2013

Like in a Fairytale: A Challenge

One week since my last post!! Awww!!
I'm working on putting together the pdfs for the ChakrART FREE Workshop starting on Monday 4! :)

But I found the time to make this journal page.
A few weeks ago I won a challenge at SCRAPPIN' SISTERS, and they asked me to choose the next challenge theme.
I chose "Come in una favola" ("Like in a fairytale")
The page is in Italian, but anyone can join!
Go create!!!

Dark fairytales are my favorite. One of them is Little Red Riding Hood, with its dark atmosphere and the sense os danger and death.
I wanted to mix it up with a shamanic journey, because the tale can be read like a shamanic journey of growth and search.
That's why the little Red Hood is walking along a path surrounded by scary trees, not knowing what she will find...


  1. Excellent, j'aime beaucoup ta page!
    Excellent, I like very much your page!

  2. I often laugh at how these dark fairy tails were told to children at bed time lol I loved them still do and your page is very thought provoking. Excited about Monday :)

  3. Love the journal spread full of mystery and unknown and I really like that you compared the tale to a shamanic journey.

  4. Une très belle publication... Le petit chaperon rouge n'effrayait pas ma dernière fille lorsque je lui racontait l'histoire. Elle éclatait de rire et me disait : "encore maman" !!
    Elle trouvait en revanche l'histoire du Petit Poucet bien triste !
    Gros bisous à vous.

  5. Very interesting, very cool! I like a lot! Hope everything is well my friend ;o)

  6. Gorgeous page and fabulous choice of subject too!