Sunday, January 27, 2013

Upcoming FREE Workshop

As I promised yesterday, here I am to introduce you to my upcoming

  It is  a 7 weeks online workshop that will deal with Chakras and making Art.
"What are Chakras?", you will ask. 
Well, Chakras are centers of energy (or life force) that are linked to vital points in our bodies.
The task of this workshop is to use the energy of our chakras to make spiritually inspired ART.
You won't need any specific supplies. You only need your imagination and your own supplies.
This is a workshop open to all media: painting, drawing, beading, woodworking, writing...
There won't be any piece to reproduce. Instead, you will have to work on yourself and create YOUR unique work.

For more info check out the ChakrART PAGE.


  1. Very cool ;o) Sounds great my friend ;o)

  2. I'll be participating in this for sure!

  3. I've showed a bit of restrains. Telling myself, "You're busy, Magaly. Just don't..." but I'm weak, so I'm in!