Sunday, November 11, 2012

Well..... Owls?

I'm really happy with my new owls.
On Friday I sold four of them. For the first time I sold my drawings outside Etsy! Yay!
Actually I sold them at work. :)
And I've got some orders, too!
That's incredible!!

Yesterday I started drawing some new ones and put down a sketch for a triptych on canvas for a friend.
I have also made an owl postcard that I put on sale on Etsy.

I'm very excited about these sales.
Going back to work now!


  1. These owls are so awesome!! Very nice I can see why they sold so quickly.

  2. Those are soooo cute, I love your work.

  3. Your owls are so great, love them! Congrats on the sales as well.

  4. That's wonderful news good for you! Hope to see you next Wednesday at SMWYG!

  5. So happy for you girl! Yepeee!!! I can't wait for more owls ;o) Hugs ;o)