Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back with Crutches

Two weeks since my last post! Awww!!
I had to deal with my hurting foot (I'm now walking on crutches). On Saturday I'm going to have it X-rayed and see what's wrong with it. I could not stay at home from work, so when I came home I wasn't in the mood of blogging. :)
But I have been drawing, anyway. Eheheh!
Here are some of my new pieces. 
Next week I'll try to post more often.

New coffee tickets for my workplace.

A coulpe of new owls.

And two gifts for a friend.


  1. So sorry about your foot, I hobbled around on a painful foot for three weeks before discovering it was broken in three places. That boot they put me in felt like heaven when I finally got it.
    Love your Owls in the tree. Even with a sore "paw" you can still create!

  2. Yes, you must see a doctor about that foot! Pain sucks.

  3. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain Simona. Loving your new whimsical drawings, x

  4. Your drawings are awesome. I love them all, you have such a steady hand. I hope your foot starts feeling better. I know what it is like to have pain in your foot...dealing with arthritis in my right foot. I'm ok when I walk around but as soon as I sit and pain is awlful.

    Sending only pain free thoughts to you.

  5. I am worried about you!! I hope there is nothing seriously wrong! Your new owl drawings are amazing!! Love them all!!! (I am having a giveaway, check it out, when you can!)