Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Fun: She-Cat

Still 4 days to Halloween!
I have three more drawings to show for this month.
Here is another Cat mask.

Colored pencils, markers and ink. 6x8 inches size.

And here is a WIP (not for Halloween)
My daddy is back and drawing!
After 3 months away and without a pc, my dad and mom have come back to their home.
Daddy started to draw again.
Please, visit his blog and leave your comments. He will be delighted!


  1. Hi Simona, Both your cats look pretty seductive! I especially love the face of the first one. Great pen and line work as always.
    Glad to hear your family are now back.

  2. Des minous qui sont dignes de fêter Halloween... gros bisous

  3. I'll pop over to your Dad's blog next, interesting halloween critter.

  4. I love your cats! Meow!!! ;o) I have starting commenting on your dad's blog ;o) Hugs ;o)