Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Send Healing Energy, Please.

Ok. Ok.
As Carol wrote in a comment to my previous post "bad luck things usually come in three". The third one happened two days ago. I have an aunt that lives some 600 kms far from me. She suffers from Alzheimer and lives with a Polish lady who takes care of her 24/7. Last week my aunt had ischemia and the doctors recommended her to stay in bed. Two days ago her carer got distracted.... my aunt got up from bed, opened the door of her house and fell from the stairs breaking one leg... She is now at the hospital waiting for surgery. My parents will leave tomorrow to visit her and stay at the hospital for the nights.
Is there any MESSAGE in this? 
I keep asking myself if these coincidences (or should I call them SYNCHRONICITIES?) hide a secret message from the Universe/Goddess/Angels/Spiritual Guides. If so, I cannot understand it right now...
Tonight I'll ask my Tarots and I Ching for a guide.

Please, my friends, send some HEALING ENERGY and POSITIVITY to all the injured people in my family and friends.
I am sending mine.

I have not been able to make much art since I started my holidays. I'm trying to deeply clean my house and fix up all my books, comics, art supplies and all the stuff I amass everywhere. I'm a notorious "pile-upper", for the joy of my husband. Eheheheh!!
I have only drawn some more Motivational Goddesses and cut them out.
My plans for my artistic holiday have undergone some subtle changes, but I'm determined to complete my "secret project" and some more Zen Dolls.
I'll keep you updated in a couple of days!
Have a great week all!


  1. I'm so sorry that you and your family are experiencing such an upheaval right now. You definitely have my positive, healing thoughts heading your way. Bug hugs.

  2. Mercury doing his thing again. Things around here are a bit chaotic, too. Hope your aunt recovers promptly and that bone heals without much pain. Sending healing hugs.

  3. Although I don't believe in coincidence, I do believe in the "things come in 3's" rule. Take comfort that the 3 have now passed. Sending positive energy your way to distribute as necessary :) ...and remember, sometimes shit just happens, we can not control everything :) XXX

  4. I believe that the Universe is economical and no lessons are wasted - as Gina said, there are no coincidences. However, we don't get to see all the reasons for the things happening around us. We just get to decide how we will learn from them.
    Love and blessing to you and yours.

  5. I am sending healing positive energy ;o) I don't know why these things happen? It's like when my mom was scammed out of a lot of money at the beginning of the year. You have to try to keep smiling and may I suggest, burn some sage! Keep the negativity away!! I love your Motivational Goddesses! Very precious! Big Hugs ;o)