Monday, August 27, 2012

And the SURPRISE goes to.....

.... # 5
Congrats Arwen! I'll contact you for your address!
I want to apologize with you all for closing down the GA so soon, but as you can read in my previous post, I have good reasons for doing this. 
I'm really tired of living in such a Country.... uff.... :(

Thank you to the friends who joined.
Next time we'll do something different. I'm already thinking about it. :)

I'm leaving you today with a new MESSAGE FROM THE GODDESS:

(colored pencils, markers and ink)


  1. Our minds and bodies are experts on telling us when enough is enough, so we should listen to it when it speaks.

    I enjoyed all your goddesses. And it might be funny, but the one I liked most was the one that said to stay calm and rest.

    I shared a bit about her:

  2. Congratulations, Arwen!

    Another lovely Goddess, my dear!

  3. Congrats to the winner! I love this new one a lot! My friend, I hope you are alright! I am behind in a lot of things, but I have to e-mail you! I see your shop is open ;o) Hugs ;o)