Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mind Mapping & FREEBIE

Back to posting again! :) 
I've been very busy lately due to job, niece on holiday and new ideas springing out. I needed some time to organize my time and to-do list.
Speaking about organizing, I want to tell you about
I read a very interesting book by Tony Buzan some years ago:

It opened the doors of a new world!
Mind Mapping is a powerful visual way of taking notes, organize ideas, studying etc. It's very simple to use and it can blast your creativity with original ideas!
Here is a sample of a Mind Map (source Wikipedia)

In my previous posts I've been telling you that I'm in a time of changement. Well, Mind Maps are a part of this changement. They are helping me define what I want from life and how to achieve it.
Today I want to share with you a CREATIVITY MIND MAP.
Starting from the central word "CREATIVITY", all you have to do is fill the blank spots with any word you can think about when thinking about creativity. I added some decorations, but you can add more, and color them or draw something. That's all up to you!
If you want to show me what you made with this Mind Map, I'll put a Linky Tool in one of my weekend posts. Just copy, print and create! It's FREE to share.
Happy mind mapping!


  1. Great idea. I will definitely be trying this mind mapping. Thanks for the share.

  2. I love how your mind works. You have an adorable ability to show harmony in the middle of chaos.