Monday, July 23, 2012


This is going to be a long post (I had written it for Facebook). So, take a seat and a cup of coffee and follow me. :)


At the beginning of 2012 I wrote in my blog a post about my 2012 leading word: LEARN. Seven months have passed by. What can I say about my word? Well, I have learned a lot!! My first step was signing up to Tamara Laporte's LIFE BOOK E-COURSE at Willowing, a year long classes filled with lots of techniques. I know I'm very behind with the schedule, but I'll catch up during my holiday month. :)
Tamara is a wonderful mom and a cool artist and offers classes for everyone. I thought I wasn't able to draw faces. Well, following her e-classes I realized I could!
This is the first lesson I LEARNED.
Click here to visit Willowing Arts.

Then I won a FREE e-class by Nataša May, COTTON CANDY GIRLS! I haven't posted much about what I made, yet, but I'll do that soon. :) Natasha is another wonderful artist. She paints whimsical girls, the kind I love so much! With her I LEARNED some collage and acrilycs basics.
The class is closed by now, but if you're interested in taking a peek, here's the link:


In June I was thinking about remaking my Etsy Shop. I have made 176 sales since June 2009, but I was not happy of how it looked... I needed a change that would reflect my changing behavior and thinking (I need more optimism in my life and WANT to make big changes... of which I'll tell you in due time). Maybe not all of you know that I'm a Crystal Healer and have taught Crystal Healing and Meditation for some years. Last year I restarted practicing after a long period of bad "negativity". And I found out that after meditating or using stones I had a great urge to draw something. I started drawing faces a-go-go and feeling better and better. My skills improved and so my self-esteem. Sometimes the small things are the ones that make you feel better, eh? I started a challenge on my blog called 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS. my friends Gina Morley, Nataša May and Magaly Guerrero, among others, participated with amazing pieces.
See our creations here:


I was talking about revamping my Etsy Shop. I had been having this idea about a new project for years, but never started it due to my lack of time/skills/ambition and whatever excuse I could find. In May I found a link in someone's blog leading me to a mysterious website called GODDESS CIRCLE. The mistress of this website was Leonie Dawson, a wonderful woman living on the other side of the world (Australia). I checked out the e-classes she offered and was drawn to some of them, especially those about Biz & Blogging and Business. There was a cool offer for a yearly membership at half price, so I talked to my husband and decided to spend some money on this (even though we are not in very good financial status right now. But I felt "good vibes" about it). So I did it and signed up for my 1 year Membership! And, oh wow!, what a fabulous place I found! Lots of e-classes, tips & tricks, new acquaintances, ideas! As soon as I started reading my first BUSINESS GODDESS E-COURSE ideas became flowing through my mind and could not stop taking notes! In a week I had defined my new project and started putting it down on paper. Today I finished the first part. Still 2 weeks of work and it will be completed! Then I'll post a sneak peak for you, my friends!
If you're interested in knowing more bout the Goddess Circle, follow this link:


And don't forget to pick up your FREE GOODIES at the Goddess Circle! And a wonderful free Ebook!
And LEARNING is going on! Still 5 months to December and lots of things to LEARN on the way!!! :)


  1. Good for you! Learn is a strong word! You are doing great! I meditate with my stones too! Stones are very powerful! I did the 13 Goddesses Challenge too ;o) Just incase you forgot! LOL! Take Care and keep on learning!

  2. I'm so happy for you for all these achievements. :)

  3. So cool to look back at what you've accomplished - good for you!

    Being pregnant and caring for a two-year-old has limited me a bit so far this year, but I've been learning to take care of myself and figure out what needs to happen for me to be content and abundantly satisfied. Learning to prioritize creating something every day has been such a challenge, but so rewarding. I've also been learning to help my husband be at peace during stress and trust in God's provision, and that's been a very intense journey for us both.

    Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)