Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Finished Piece

Uff.... It's been a long one, but the first one is finished! 
I'm giving you a hint about my "secret" project: I made this one and the other after a meditation.
I'd like to know what you think I'm doing. :)
So, here is a collage of my WIP and the finished piece.
Acrylics, colored pencils and india ink on a big sheet of paper (cannot remember the size right now. Eheheh!!)


  1. Looks great Simona. Wow, look at all those details. This must have taken you a while. Hugs, Kyles =D

  2. I like the combination of bright colors and the invitation to be balanced. As if starting from the outside there is a little chaos and as I move closer to her, into her head, I find a center of calm.

    I really like it.

  3. She is so pretty! I love all the little details! And, her crown chakra
    is stunning!

  4. Beautiful Simona! Love all of the details. Wonderful job. :). Alicia

  5. I like the feeling of peace she evokes. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings!