Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have been thinking of it for some months now and now it's time.
I've been blogging about my works, selling on Etsy, knowing many wonderful people and artists, but I have also been leaving my real life float in a sea of habits and routine.


No, I'm not closing my blog and leave all my friends.
I need to make changes in real life and in the web one, too.
I want to live a better life.
I want to improve my art.
I want to seriously start selling my art.
I want to rediscover my spiritual gifts.
I want to share more with you.
I want to have fun doing all those things.

But to do that I need to learn. "LEARN" was my 2012 word, do you remember? 
I've been attending art e-courses and learned so much.
But I realized that making art for sale without knowing the basics of Internet Marketing leads to nothing. 
Last year I first saw an ad about a Goddess Circle run by a sweet lady called Leonie. 
She was promoting it with these words: "The Goddess Circle gives you an incredible resource library of my programs, courses + workbooks to help you transform every area of your life... from home, health, creativity, soul to business."
(click for info)

 I've been keeping track of that website and then decided to subscribe to the newsletter.
Yesterday I made my decision: I signed in for the Goddess Circle and today I'm starting my first Biz Goddess E-Course! I've devoured the ebook and cannot wait to view the videos!  I know it will be helpful and I needed to share with you.
Leonie is offering an annual membership for $99 until July 3rd. After that date the price will double. The annual membership gives you the opportunity of following every e-course she offers, meditation kits, freebies, forums and everything present in the website.
If you want to know more about the Goddess Circle or want to view some of the FREE stuff Leonie offers (an ebook, too), just click the links above.
So, my dear friends, since next month I'll be changing something in my blog. Stay tuned! :)
And now I have to thank my fellow blogger Julia from  LIFE AS ART for her wonderful gift!!
Some weeks ago I won her giveaway. The package arrived yesterday!! :)
I took a couple of photos. The book has many pages and goodies in it and it's WONDERFUL!!
Thank you again, Julia! I'm really proud to own it! 


  1. The course sounds wonderful Simona... am sure it will be fabulous... and just love the gorgeous book that you won... it is beautiful...

    Jenny x

  2. Well done you! You've taken control of your life, and I wish you only success and happiness in your new ventures :D Hope you make lots of trustworthy friends in your new circle :D XXX

  3. In bocca al lupo Simona!!! I cambiamenti nella vita sono il vero motore della vita stessa!!!! Ti auguro tanta felicità e fortuna!
    Un abbraccio

  4. I've just discovered your lovely blog through the goddess circle. The e-courses really are inspiring and what I needed right now, whilst making lots of changes to my life. Your blog is also very inspiring.

    Good luck with the changes you are making. xx

  5. Course sounds wonderful and congrats on winning ~ your blog is very creative ~thanks, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  6. this sounds really cool, and like an important & exciting step in your life!!!! What a great thing it is to sign up for a course, pay for it & follow it --- it always makes for a better commttment, I have found (will let you know about the book if it comes through ;) )

  7. Good for you my friend! Taking control of your life and making changes! I wish you all the best ;o) Just don't leave us ;o) And, don't be changing your art too much! I love it! Remember, paint from your heart and you will never go wrong ;o) I love the book! It is so cool! Wish I had of won it! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  8. I wish you the best with your new course! Leonie is such a lovely high energy woman!
    Congratulations with your winning this gift!

  9. You have a wonderful and unique style, your art is beautiful and from the heart. You have such a possitive outlook you are bound to succeed. Good Luck and keep us informed on how you are getting on.