Saturday, June 30, 2012

Art, Passion and Heart-Told Tales & FREEBIE!

My witch friend Magaly, had this wonderful idea: "I’m inviting you to use your Art and Passion to share the Tale of how you met the other half of your heart".

 You know that during the last two weeks I've been working a lot and I haven't been able to draw... So, today, for the  ART, PASSION AND HEART-TOLD TALES I'll share with you how I met my hubby. :)

Well, it would be more appropriate to say "how I re-met him".
The story begins 34 years ago, when young Simo was 10 years old. Her mom was a teacher and had a very bad student. She eventually had that student changed of classroom, but the school director put him in Simo's class. Her mom was afraid of retaliations, so asked that they put Simo in another classroom. That day was very decisive for Simo's life. In the new classroom she met her 15 years long best friend (not anymore, now) and the love of her life: M.
This one was a beautiful boy with dark hair and green eyes. As you can imagine, at 10 years old, relationships are very relative. So the two matched togehter for some months, until the end of 5th grade, when he met another girl and left Simo...... Grrrr....
The End...... ?
Simo grew up. Had other boyfriends and had a 10 years long relationship with her first "husband" (they were not really married). In 2000 the relationship came to an end and Simo went back living in her former town. She also worked in that town, in a New Age and Handicraft Shop. One of the owner's sons was a close friend of M and they often came for a visit. 
That year, in December, they started dating. The next year they went to live together and in 2002 they got married. 

Do you believe in destiny? :)
This year we had our 10 years anniversary. I cannot honestly say that our relationship has been fairy tale like. We had lots of troubles and issues during the years (he is not an easy person, and I'm not easy to deal with, too), but we still stick together.

I cannot wait to read the other participants' stories! Today I'll be linking this post to Magaly's blog. So, keep in touch for more amazing stories!
But I cannot close this post without an artwork!
I'm in a FREEBIE mood lately. 
I made this Mandala or Zendala some time ago and never had the time to fill and color it. 
I want to share it with you as it is. Just copy, print, add zentangles or color it!
Have fun! 


  1. Ow how romantic :D Yes I do belive in destiny...I knew exactly what my other half would look like from being 3 years old... and he does :D XXX

  2. I'm here cooing like an dork and I love it. How cute. I can only imagine your 10-year-old eyes in love. At ten, I was pelting people with mangoes--I wasn't an easy child to share a yard with lol

    10 years! Congratulations. My Piano Man and I celebrated out 2nd year and I'm all grins ;-)

    Don't forget to stop by and add your post to the sidebar ;-)

  3. I enjoy reading your story! Congratulations on your 10 years!!... and many more to come!

  4. First, ty for the freeie! Next, I totally understand being married for a long time w/someone who isn't easy to be with. I'm in my 40th year w/my husband, been more rough since retirement!!!

  5. Happy 10 years! Yes, I do believe in destiny ;) Great story my friend ;o) Thanks for sharing ;o) And, thanks for the freebie ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful and romantic story. Love your art also!

    Happiness always

  7. Love this story! And, yes, I believe in destiny!

  8. hi - i think i came to your blog through facebook - somehow - haha! 10 years is wonderful! i hope the next 10 are even better!

    i am taking your mandala template with many thanks :). i will work on it this afternoon. thank you :)

  9. Congrats on 10 yrs! Sometimes the relationships you fight for are the very best. ;)

  10. Lovely story...all relationships need alot of work...wishing lots of love and happiness for the next 10 years... :)

  11. What a super great zectangle. I love the detail in this one. :)

  12. congrats on ten years and great to read how you re found each other... sounds like it was meant to sorry for being so late getting here...xx

  13. i did it ;)

  14. Wow even without color it's a nice triply pattern. Great line work.