Saturday, May 19, 2012

All Together NOW Blog Party & Giveaway!

I know I'm a bit late, but yesterday was a busy day for me. So I'm joining the party today.
If you want to know what this Blog Party is about, please visit Amy's blog at AMY and find a huge number of Giveaways waiting for you! :)

And now to the BRAGGING!
You know, I'm a very reserved person and I don't like bragging. But I usually make people laugh telling stories about my disastrous adventures.
Like that year that I was following an English course in England (I was 14) and the teacher decided we had to have a horse ride. Unfortunately for me, the horse keeper didn't fix the saddle well.... At one point my horse started galloping away and the saddle climbed to his neck. When he stopped to eat a daisy we were on the edge of a ravine! He stopped and I fell, rolling like a stone, for about 50 feet. Ehehehe!! And you know, I didn't hurt myself at all!
I could go on for hours telling stories about my tumbles.... from stairs, tube, sheets of ice.... I never broke anything, but my back is ruined.
What more?
I'm a 40something gal from Italy and I usually call me a "Phoenix", because I always revive from my ashes.
I suffer from depression and have high and lows. But I don't want to take pills and try to "fight" it by myself. Until now it looks like I've been successful. Sometimes I have months-long periods of darkness, but I use them to clean my head and restart again.
And I must say that drawing has helped me very much with this, because when I draw I enter a world of mental stillness that allows me to calm down my brain. I crave for silence and work as a cashier in a self-service, where the noise is at maximum levels and my co-workers are all very noisy individuals. So, when I come home I really enjoy some silence and relaxing time.
Well, this post is becoming too long, now.
Let's talk about my Giveaway.
I'm offering one of my Matrioskas to one lucky person!
You only have to visit and comment.
I will choose the winner on May 23rd.
And now, let's go visit my blog party fellows!!!


  1. Une très jolie publication remplie d'émotion... et pour terminer cette belle poupée...

    Gros bisous

  2. Your not late sweetie:D the party is 18th -21st :D so put on your dancing shoes cos me and Shelle are breaking tables dancing on them :D though I love a good "dance" I'm with you on the quiet time thing, so while I have the house to myself I am sitting lkistening to birds in the garden, and the only noise is me typing :D XXX

  3. Lol! I'm a clumsy individual myself. I got that from my mom. I think it runs in our family. :))) My brother suffers from depression and I see what it can do for him so I applaud you for handling it yourself without the meds. Your artworks is amazing! And I would love to win your matrioska. :)

  4. I love your blog and your work :)
    Happy to better know you now ..

  5. Hi, Simona-
    I, too have fought depression since I was a teenager (I'm 52). I've used the meds twice, but the rest of the time I've stayed off them. You're right,art helps. And silence. I'm an elementary school art teacher and I understand what you mean about noise! Whew. So glad to get home every day to the quiet. I love your Matrioska. She'd have a good home if she came to live with me :)

  6. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog, how exciting that you heal people with crystals! I hope you can help heal yourself as well, it sounds very interesting and fun! Please count me in for the great purple matrioska!

  7. Yes I confirm she has many stories to tell ! I belive she should tell the one at the airport (I really thought we'd lost her forever jejeje) or the one on the street when the person who helped her made a comment about her shoes !!!

    Love you Sis !

  8. Phoenix girl, you are one sexy mama!

  9. I didn't mean to hit enter, it was the excitement of seeing this gorgeous pictures; you have a set of amazing eyes, Simona. Wow!

    And I love concept of raising out of the ashes, for stay on top all the time is difficult if not impossible, it is our ability to raise after having fallen that makes us truly remarkable.

    Did I mention how sexy your are? I probably did, but anyway, you are, sexy ;-)

  10. Thank you for all your lovely comments, ladies! :)
    To my sister Selene: you could also tell about that other time at Madrid airport. Ahahahahah!!!!

  11. I once slipped down a hill and ended up head first in an ants' nest. That was painful!

    I love to see your work every week. I know about the 'Black Dog' too. Art definitely helps.

  12. Adorable ~ well done ~ be well ~ be happy ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  13. Love to meet you this way, I am even later and I can relate to the Phoenicx feeling, I am from Holland but living in New Zealand and if you read my post you see me too I fall a lot ;) Love you and your story ! ♥

  14. Never too late to join in the party! I'd say you are resilient and strong to be able to tackle obstacles with a sense of humor and unspoken courage :)
    What great attributes to have!

    Your art is wonderful, too!

  15. So glad you made it to the party - we're all better off getting to meet you. I feel kind of embarrassed admitting that I'm not quite sure what a matrioska is, all I know is yours is beautiful!

  16. Simona? hiccup... oh excuse me, I just came from Cameron's... wasn't her fault, I MADE her pour me that champers ;) You know? It's NOT the alcohol... it's you, you are fabby dooda, truly, so honest & clumsy (I identify with that) and so beautiful (well, I don't really have that in common but I can pretend ;) Your Matrioska is gorgeous, so cute with those sweet lips she is like a Russian Doll (I am pretty dumb so she actually may BE a Russian doll & now I've confirmed I'm pretty stupid) but I love her. I have highs & lows sometimes, but usually tend to share my highs more than lows... I love silence... art & silence clears my brain, I never put on music unless I'm driving... I work fulltime but in a home office so it's pretty cruisey, I'm not anti-social but working in noisy environment would be hard... I really have enjoyed my visit... the perfect end to a perfect party :)

  17. Hello are such a beautiful person and very strong..shine are fabulous and amazing! THanks for sharing your story! You are a powerful phoenix!!
    Beautiful art!!

  18. Keep rising like a phoenix, you have so much to offer with your awesome art and amazing stories! Beautiful, Bold and Better than ever!

  19. Phew! I'm not the only clutz out there! And you're not alone in your seeking of silence, either.

  20. I am so happy that you have fun and wonderful drawings to help you with your highs and lows.
    I wonder if any officials have realized this? It could be a helpful book for others.

  21. Great story! I'm glad you were okay. :)

  22. Such a cute Matrioska! I have a small collection of them. Something about them steals my heart.

  23. Beautiful post and art! I loved learning about you and value your fight with depression. Art IS the best medicine, right?
    Thank you for the chance to have some of your talent in my home, Kristin xo!

  24. I am with you in clumsy world darl... I can trip over anything and everything and don't even get me started on bumping into things... glad to learn more about you, and was interestiong to read about your depression.... as someone who grew up in a house with 4 people who all suffer from various forms of mental illness I admire your desire to fight it naturally... it is such adifficult time when you are in a low, and glad you can use drawing to help you out and to reset... so much more productive than drugs...thanks for sharing so honestly...xx

  25. Hello my sex kitten Phoenix ;o) Meow ;o) Simona, I love my quiet times too with my art! I wouldn't want it any other way ;o) Good for you fighting your depression without any pills! I am proud of you! You made me laugh about all your little disastrous adventures! I am sorry about your back! Keep making art! You know how much I love it! I just framed your crow today ;o) Please enter me into your giveaway ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  26. cute sketch! Glad you didn't hurt yourself with that fall off the horse! Kind of funny though.

  27. What adventures you've had- your horse story reminded me of a similar one but on a camel on vacation. I don't need to ride a camel ever again! Art brings me mental stillness too- I had not thought of it in that way- but that is what it does. Fabulous Matrioska!

  28. Simona,

    I am very glad you joined in and i hope you'll forgive me for being so late in commenting. i did come over much sooner, but i'm remiss this weekend and just now getting to chat with you (:

    firstly, i LOVE your name. it's beautiful and exotic and i already know i'll use it in one of my painting titles. pretty!

    okay. your horse story brought a memory to me.

    i was a naughty teenager and had to go to an alternative school after getting into too much trouble one year.
    for really good behavior we were rewarded with horseback riding as our physical education credit.
    we had to go riding every wednesday which sounded incredibly exciting to me - but the reality was that i was terrified.

    i'm always convinced that animals have some secret motive and can see into my soul or something. so i thought that every time the horse took a sharp turn i was going to be thrown for what a rotten kid i was.

    oh yes! back to you! jeez. my manners are terrible!

    i like to hear that you are a phoenix.

    there is nothing ever to do but start again when it all goes to crap.

    hey. thanks for joining. i'm glad we've met through blogginess.


  29. I love her pouty expression! Lol

    Isn't art such great therapy?!?

  30. You are beautiful in your know art and have a great style! I like your drawing you created. I wish you the best with your struggle in is hard. My husband has some depression as well but is on meds' because he would get angry to easily..I am thankful though that he realized this and saved himself and our marriage..but it is never a cure..we always have to be on the lookout..Thanks for sharing your life stories..I am you are able to break free from the darkness and rise above it! Hugs to you