Tuesday, May 1, 2012

29 Faces, Packages & Zen Dolls Project Page

Yesterday was a very happy day.
NO headaches (that's almost a miracle!).
 I received 2 giveaway packages that I had won (WOW!): one is from MAGICLOVE CROWS and the other one is from MARCIA BECKETT, for March Artists in Blogland Challenge.
  I found out that I have won a free "COTTON CANDY GIRLS" E-course!!! Yay!
And last, I was able to write down my ZEN DOLLS PROJECT & GNU SOLIDARIO page (I will update it regularly). We would be glad if you could share it. :)
After the big success of her first challenge, Ayala, down at AYALA ART, is running 29 FACES #2.
I already know that I won't be able to post every day, but I'll try to participate as often as I can.

And now, here are some picks of the goodies I received in the mailbox!! Thank youStacy and Marcia!


  1. And yet more proof that good things come in 3's lol :D Congratulations on all those lovely gifts, and I know you'll enjoy Natasha's classes :D XXX

  2. Seems like your luck has found you! :) Congrats on all of it! Love your pretty girl.

  3. You lucky girl! I am doing the challenge again so I am glad to see you do it too x

  4. You are so welcome my friend ;o) Congrats on all the wins ;o) Yeh! I love your zen girl! She is precious ;o) Hugs ;o)

  5. She's cute! I like her hairdo!

  6. Hi Simona, well done on your wins. I have just blogged my two makes with Dolly 2 and Dolly 3. I hope you like them, they were both lovely to work with. I have a new blog address because the other one I took out some html coding and its not working anymore lol


  7. Great face !!!! You are such a lucky girl!!1 I'll be doing Natasha's class too :0)

  8. ooh I m so happy for you !!
    great !