Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring is Springing!

For this week SWEET SATURDAYS  and ARTIST'S PLAY ROOM I want to share something about Spring. I love Autumn and Winter, but this year I need some warm weather. :)
And if you want to add your work to my 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS Challenge post, you can still do it HERE. We have very talented artists!
Last week I was reding an article on our town newspaper talking about our Library and its difficulties in buying books due to lack of funds. Well, do you believe in coincidences? Today, while viewing AYALA'S ART blog I stumbled upon this call for artists at DAVIDANDDUMART'S POSTEROUS website. 
Read what they write: "It's my pleasure to introduce a new and exiting art project: A real life Twitter art exhibit. The first exhibit was announced October 21, 2010, and was organized to help the Moss public library raise funds for children's books. 260 twitter artists from 24 countries participated and my kitchen was flooded with art! (see pic 1), and the event got national and local recognition in Norwegian media (TV, radio, newspapers). The main idea/vision from an artistic point, is for artists to contribute postcard sized, hand painted original artwork (representing a tweet), that will be sold to raise money for the charity (and cost effective for the artists and easy to hang) ".  
The deadline is March 30th and the exhibit will open on Friday April 13th!
I've already started to paint, and YOU? 
Visit the website for info about how to join and where to mail.
(Pencil, watercolor and collage)


  1. what a fantastic event, artists are some of the most generous people, beautiful work you have here too!!!!

  2. Fabulous collaged artwork :D Love your little tweety birds :D XXX

  3. Thanks so much for linking up so quickly, it's wonderful to have your participation. I look forward to seeing you weekly. An extra thanks for being my first submission, she's wonderful. She fits in perfectly to the green theme.
    Jenn of & Artist's Play Room

  4. Oh, I really love this girl and all the birds surrounding her! So adorable and her blushing cheeks, so cute ;o) Great work for the library ;o)

  5. wonderful to see your latest goddess~

    great way to raise funds for libraries!

  6. Thank you for your nice message on my blog ;)
    Good luck for the library!!!