Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not a Good Day.... No, Week....

This has not been a very good week... A constant headache has been stalking me since Monday, strong neck and back pains and, last, I have a hurting foot, but I don't know why.... 
So I haven't done very much. These are two more new girls I made some days ago.
I'm listing them for ARTISTS IN BLOGLAND March Challenge. The theme is PASSION
And drawing & doodling is my passion.
I think I'll take a little rest now. I'll see you on Monday for Week #5 of 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS Challenge. 
Click HERE if you want to jump in!


  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Am loving your long haired ladies. Lovely work!

  2. Amazing detail work on these ladies, could the "concentration factor" have something to do with the head and neck ache? We sometimes get so caught up in our work, we don't realise the muscle tension that is creeping up on us. Hope you feel better soon :D XXX

  3. lovely girls! ;)
    I want you to get healthy again!

  4. wishing you good health to keep continuing your awesome and special lady series and not only!hugs,ildi

  5. Thanks ladies!
    Gina, My neck and back pains are chronic. If I should surrender to them I wouldn't even be able to sit down and draw... suffering for suffering, at least I do something I like. :)

  6. back again :0)
    as a sign of my appreciation for everything you do allow me to award you with the "liebster blog"award.
    just take your was quite hard work passing the awards,lol...and i have another one on my paper site.

    have you tried a good "bone"doctor?or bioresonanta magnetica?

  7. Sending a few healing vibes.

  8. These are wondrous. Your drawings are beautiful, I love all the texture and creativity going on. Thank you for sharing.

  9. thank you all!
    And thanks, Ildiko for the award!
    I have tried many therapies. But my problems are due to migraine, scoliosis and endometriosis. These are days in which they all wake up together... I hope it will end for Monday.

  10. Lovely artworks. I am just now getting around to visiting all of the challenge participants. Good luck!

  11. A really good massage therapist would do wonders .... and I go to an acupuncturist for a bunch of ailments and it has done wonders. I hope all your aches and pains go away and fast. Never give up hope.

    Happiness to all.

  12. My friend, I am so sorry that you are not well! Please get better! I am sending some healing energy ;o) Love your two new pieces!! Excellent! I think you should do some originals of these for your store ;o) Hugs ;o)