Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angels on my Sofa

I have been busy drawing last week. I can only make something after dinner, while relaxing on the sofa with my husband and watching TV. You know, I draw, cut and glue while sitting on my sofa!
These are some whimsical angels. Another one of them has gone to Norway for a charity event: TWITTER ART EXHIBITION
They are mixed-media: pencils, ink and collage. Postcard size.
Check out also the wonderful artists that this week have created their Greek Goddess for 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS Challenge. You can still jump in! Read the rules HERE.


  1. oh, these are so cute! Love their clothes and their shoes!

  2. They are just adorable! :) Love their long legs. :)

  3. These girls are darling! Love them ;o) And, I love the colors you used Simona ;o) Your sofa must be very comfortable ;o)