Monday, March 5, 2012

13 Goddesses Week #1 - Celtic: Blodeuwedd

Celtic Goddess: BLODEUWEDD.
This is a Welsh Goddess of Spring. Her name means "Flower Face" and it is also the Welsh name for the Owl.
She is a Maiden Goddess (read my post about Triple Goddesses)
Blodeuwedd was created from nine types of flowers by a magician called Gwydion to be the wife of the hero Llew Llaw Gyffes in response to his mother's curse that he could have never had a human wife.
But Flower Face fell in love with Gronw Pebyr and they tried to kill the invulnerable Llew by tricking him in the only pose in which he could be wounded.
They were punished by Gwydion and she was transformed into an Owl.
And now show me yours! You have 5 days for linking your creation.
Next Monday Goddess will be Babylonese.
For references about Goddesses go HERE.
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  1. Couldn't wait for this challenge to begin :D XXX

  2. Me, too!! :)
    Next time I'll have to fix LinkyTool....

  3. She looks fab! I'll be back here tomorrow. :)

  4. She is perfect. I wish I could touch her beautiful hair. And those flowers... they are amazing. I think your Blodeuwedd and my Flidais would get along wonderfully!

  5. Really cute work, her eyes are gorgeous.

    Response to your comment at hellopalz...
    Wow! thats cool! I wish i could stick with my first account. I read my really old emails sometimes and laugh at the Past me Thanks for your comments…

  6. So gorgeous...stunning work..she is fabulous!!Wonderful tribute to her...

  7. She has such an interesting story don't you think ... very mysterious
    as all the Celtic Goddesses.

    Happiness to all.

  8. Is there any way you can change the link tool settings? I have trouble seeing all the entries.

  9. My friend, I did the same Goddess as you ;o) You did a beautiful job!!! Love her eyes and her hair and of course the little owl ;o) I did an owl too ;o) We read each other's minds! LOL! Have a great day! Going to see what everyone else did ;o) Can't wait till next week ;o)
    Oh, I am finding hard to read everyone on your blog, is there another wait to list them? Not trying to be pushy!! ;o)

  10. Thank you ladies for your posts!!! I have fixed the link tool.
    In the afternoon I'll visit you all and leave my comment! :)

  11. Thanks for fixing the link tool ;o)

  12. Yes, certainly a delightful and charming goddess of spring. Greetings.

  13. Love her! Whimsical yet practical. All of this creativity is really making me want to find my old sketch pad and charcoal, if only I could actually draw! ;)