Wednesday, February 8, 2012

29 Faces: #8

During the last two weeks I've left a little behing my LIFE BOOK classes. I'll have to catch up the next weekend.  I'm also following Tam's class FABULOUS FACES (free with signing up in LB course), and some of my last faces have been inspired by both classes.
Day 8 is ready!
Timeless Rituals

Caro, 12 years
Drawing on collaged book pages.


  1. I love seeing all these different faces. My problem would be that they would all look the same just different outfits. :) Caro is quite a little artist in the making. :) Great job!

  2. Your face is wicked! Love her! She is saying, don't mess with me! Caro's face is really sweet! Great job, both of you!

  3. Love them!!! So glad that Caro is joining in the fun!!!

  4. Lovely hair, so nice to hear where you found your inspiration.

  5. Love the first one...but then they are all wonderful.

    Happiness to all !

  6. thumbs up for the lovely ladies!