Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Faces: #29 & 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks

Last day of 29 FACES! Thank you Ayala for hosting this wonderful and inspiring challenge! I enjoyed it vey much!
As I wrote some posts ago, this challenge gave me the idea for 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS.
For this last post I wanted to "merge" the two challenges.
This is not my entry for the first week of 13 Goddesses, but it wants to be an introduction to this subject that I've been loving for all my life.
You can start creating your first Goddess right now (read the rules to know which is the first one). On Monday, March 6th you'll be able to link it in my dedicated post. Take your time and have fun!
Now a short intro.

The Triple Goddess
In ancient times and now in Neopaganism the Triple Goddess was a group of three goddesses who represented the three stages of life and the three phases of the Moon:
- Maiden: Youth - Waxing Moon.
- Mother: Fertility - Full Mon
- Crone: Old Age - Waning Moon

They were aspects of the Great Goddess.
In Ancient Greece the Triple Goddess was represented by Kore (Maiden), Persephone (Mother) and Hecate (Crone). In Celtic (Welsh) myths they were Blodeuwedd (Maiden), Arianrhod (Mother) and Ceriddwen (Crone). There are many other examples of Triple Goddesses in many cultures.
Here I have chosen to represent them in their "global" way.
You'll find many info about his subject and mythologyin the following books:



  1. Hi, love the three goddesses... like the idea of thirteen godesses in thirteen weeks...I couldn't find the rules, :)

  2. The rules are on the frontpage of my blog. :)) Thank you for visiting!!

  3. This is going to be so much fun! Thanks! I better get painting! I am really going to try to do all 13! Love your paintings ;o)

  4. Lovely idea! It is great to keep the momento going. I will be back to see what you have created!

  5. Been loving all your faces! Just not enough time to get around and comment to everyone, i love the theme of goddesses so i am going to try to play along, at least for most weeks!

  6. Another beautiful face... I have so loved visiting here over the challenge month... your work is gorgeous... and will be back to see your Goddesses...

    Jenny x

  7. Congrats on completing all 29 faces! I've had fun looking at your wonderful, whimsical creations! Don't be a stranger :o)

  8. I live in the spaces of the Triple Goddess. your graphic of their depiction is a tattoo just below my throat chakra - but all black filled in. My small forehead tattoo is Hecate's crescent - I'm happy to have found your blog and thank you for your lovely comment on the post about my sister.