Friday, February 10, 2012

29 Faces: #10

Well, day 10 and I'm still posting my daily face!!
The Blizzard has truck Italy, an unknown wind here. The air is very cold. This winter we got to -15 Celsius degrees, a very rare case. Central and South Italy is under the snow.
I go to work every day, but in the evening we keep at home watching movies (and drawing, of course!).

This is still unfinished. I was thinking about making a digi stamp with it. What do you think?


  1. I love all the detail-would make a great stamp!!

  2. I really love this art, just so cute - I saw it on the facebook page & wanted to view it bigger - just gorgeous, & yes it would make a sweet stamp!

  3. I hope you are safe! We have been seeing on t.v how bad it is in Italy! Wow!
    I really love this drawing! I think she is so sweet! I would love her as a stamp!
    Take Care ;o)

    1. Here in the North we are well. The bad weather struck the most to the Center. My mom's town is under the snow. Thank you for all your nice comments, dear. :)

  4. This is great and I agree it would make a great stamp!!!

  5. I would like everybody for your kind and supportive comments!! They mean a lot to me!!

  6. Would like to THANK everybody, of course. Eheheheh!!!

  7. I LOVE your faces! They are so interesting and thought-provoking!

  8. Just loving this image, would love to use this one xx

  9. I love the way you combined your 29 faces drawing with tangles in her clothing and hair. Isn't it cool how once you start tangling/doodling you realize that repeating patterns are everywhere!