Sunday, January 1, 2012

Word of the Year: LEARN & Digital Stamps

Happy 2012!
First post for January.
Browsing around my friends' blogs I noticed that many of you chose a guide word for the new year.
I've been thinking about which one was mine, and I finally got it:
In 2011 I've been experimenting mediums and techniques.
Now it's time to learn tips and tricks from the masters!
I can choose among lots of great classes. That's a hard choice, because all the teachers are amazing!!
I have also reopened my Etsy Shop with some new items.
I love stamps and have used them some years ago. But here in Italy rubber stamps are very expensive, above all because they are imported from the USA/UK. 
Then I discovered digital stamps!!
And this is what I'm proposing in my Etsy Shop this year.
You have already seen the Sun-Moon-Star sheet.
Here are my new ones. you can find them at


  1. These are so great and such a good idea. I love the cat ones, they have so much character!

  2. I had not seen your cats before, but I love them!!!

  3. Adorable digital stamps! My favorite is the sassy sunflower.