Monday, February 14, 2011

Treasuries on ETSY

Yesterday I made an amazing (for my average) amount of sales on Etsy thanks to a wonderful BNR TREASURY created by GUFOBARDO for our MADEINITALYTEAM.
What is an Etsy Treasury?
You can create a treasury by selecting some favorite items you have seen in Etsy Shops and put them in a list that can be viewed by the selected artists and all the other Etsyans. 
My last two Treasuries are:
What is an Etsy BNR Treasury?
BNR means "Buy and Replace". You are put in a treasury and the admin sets up a minimum purchase (2.00, 3.00, 5.00 Dollars). If you want to be included in the list you have to purchase an item from a listed seller.
It's fun! You make lots of friends and sales.

You don't need to be Italian to join madeintitalyteam. 
To belong to this team must have one or more active shops on Etsy, speak Italian (even just a little) and speak English (even if only a little). We also welcome private accounts who love Italian products and want to have one of a kind products and high quality.

1 comment:

  1. learning a new thing every day...that's cool.thanks for letting us know.
    i'm planning to open an Etsy account but first i must have at least 5 things to show for sale.still working on quality and trying art supplies, sealing etc...hugs...
    i also hope to trade with you soon.i adore your owls and funny hair goddesses...