Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is a Timeless Ritual?

I have been drawing "senseless" patterns since I was a child.
I've never been good at drawing, so my doodles were the only way I could express myself. I still have some of them in my school diaries.
Lately, they became a way to release stress and free thoughts, and I started using them in Mandalas creations or even in Visualization exercises.
As a former Crystal Therapist, I usually "doodled" when I wrote my courses booklets and visualizations. This is a good way for having good ideas and intuitions.
Due to health and work troubles, some years ago I left my previous life behind and fell into depression. 
I do know that everything passes, so I tried to work on myself and find a way out of the hole I had fallen into.
This last year has been a time of rebirth.
My work and health got better and so did my thoughts. I have been working on my body and spirit, and started a couple of new activities. 


I decided to start this blog not only to show my creations, but also to share thoughts with YOU fellow zentanglers. Each one of my zentangles is part or my daily Ritual of Relaxation and Grounding, a way of communicate with the Great Mother and be filled with her Wisdom and Creative Spirit.
This is a Journey to the Inner Self.


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