Monday, April 9, 2012

13 Goddesses Week #6 - Egyptian: Bastet

Egypstian Goddess: Bastet.

She was called the "Devouring Lady", from the root "Ba" = to devour.
She is usually represented as a lioness goddess with lion face.
She was the patron of Lower Egypt and protector of the Pharaos.
Goddess of the home, pregnant women and cats.

I have 4 cats and love everything feline, so I chose to draw this Goddess.
Now shom me yours!


  1. I really appreciate the notion of a 'devouring lady', protector of the hearth. I visited Lower Egypt once - a very special place. Love your rendition, especially the eyes!

  2. My friend, I just e-mailed you, ignore it! LOL! I love this Goddess so much! Maybe because I love cats, as much as crows ;o) She is so pretty, love her!

  3. Simo, we chose the same goddess! I love your drawing :)

  4. She is fantastic! I almost went for her because I love cats. :)

  5. That would explain the sphinx they are suppose to have lion heads aren't they? then were later carved with heads of Pharaohs.

  6. Only just notice this is from last March I will come back to this have been reading about the ones you did last year fasenating stuff I am still going to buy a book just a matter of which one xx