Monday, April 2, 2012

13 Goddesses Week #5 - Native American: Ca-the-ña

I couldn't find much info about this Goddess, but I like her name and what she represents.

Native American Goddess: Ca-the-ña
The Mohave goddess of love (the "Mohave Venus"). She presides over fertility in humans and animals. 

You have time until Sunday, April 8th to link your Goddess.
For the rules of this challenge and to view the previous Goddesses read HERE


  1. Must have taken ages to show all the strands in her hair! Beautiful image :D XXX

  2. She's lovely! I especially like her eyes!

  3. This Goddess really touches my heart! I really love her! Well done ;o) I love the feather around her neck ;o)

  4. Love the goddess you chose and she looks stunning! :)

  5. Beautiful expression...lovely art. I've been to the Mohave desert and native american reservations in the west, nice to relate it to ur art!