Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog Hop around the World

Today it's my turn in the BLOG HOP AROUND THE WORLD, a weekly post where artists introduce other artists and share something about themselves.

I was invited by my blog friend Prerna Poojara
Prerna is an amazing intuitive painter and the founder of Buddhas of Compassion Project.
We met when she joined my ChakrART Free Workshop. I love her creativity and her inspiring art, so full of love and color!
Prerna's 108 Ganeshas Project

For this blog hop I have to share with you something about about my art.

1. What am I working on?
Lately I have drawn a cat face and I'm currently in the process of doodling one cat each day until Yule. I called it CATVENTURE. I find doodling very relaxing. It lets my mind rest in a trance-like state.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Well, I think that each one of us has a unique style. I am completely self taught for what concerns Art. I find inspiration in other artists' works but then I create my own personal pieces. I think that the "whimsyness" of my works is my own typical feature.
3. Why do I create what I do?
Because I have to. :)
I am very emotional and suffering from depression. Drawing, doodling, journaling etc. are the things that keep me happy and whole and don't let my mind break in pieces. Moreover, I do it because it gives me the chance of journeying inside myself.

4. How does my creating process work?
When I find myself in front of a white sheet I usually close my eyes and take some deep breaths. I never know what I'm going to create until I pick up my pencil. That's why I'm not very at ease when people ask me custom drawings. :) 

And now, don't forget to check out the following artists' blogs that will be on the hop on December 15! 

  Stacy is from Canada. I met her some years ago on Etsy and I soon fell in love with her joyful personality and her gorgeous crow paintings. I even own some of them! :) Like me she is a self taught artist and a survivor.

Melania is an Italian fabulous scrapper and mixed media enthusiast. She also runs a collaborative challenge blog called SCRAPPIN' SISTERS.
We met on Facebook last year when I joined her Italian Art Journaling group.
Melania is very creative and a volcano filled with ideas!
 I'm leaving you with a collage of my first 5 Catventures. :)
 Have a great week!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Putting Things together...

...for 2015.
I think I will stick to my 2014 word: "CHANGE".
I'm jotting down some new ideas and projects.

Today I'm showing you what I have been doing this week:
I have received an early Yule gift and I've already put it at work!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

OK. It's been some time...

... since I last blogged.
Things have changed again!
I had to come back home, because my hubby's cardioversion didn't last much. Two weeks ago he had another one and now we are waiting for his checkup in 10 days.
So, back I am.

But I don't want to bother you with my troubles.
I decided that for 2015 I will only blog about ART.


I have been doodling a lot lately.
And I have also added some new items in my Etsy Shop (click pics for link).
Enjoy and have a great time! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Samhain/Halloween everyone!
My Cheddar broomsticks are ready. What about you? :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Tutorial for Scrappin' Sisters (Italian & English Versions) & Zentangle Ispired Art

This month I'm guest designer for the Italian artful blog called SCRAPPIN' SISTERS.
Each month we host a tutorial and a challenge. It is usually written in Italian, but anyone can join!

Do you remember my friend PRIMITIVE HARE's threadkeeper?
I created a sort of Fall "dreamcatcher".
The tutorial is in Italian and English!
Just click the Scrappin' Sisters link above.
And, YES, the purple background is my dining room wall! :)

I have also gone back at Zendoodling. Things are changing a bit here, but I don't want to talk about it yet.
So I'm working and doodling.
Here are a couple of reminders for my SELF.

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Bunch of Patterns! 18th: Railwayz, 19th: Geerandola, 20th: Pin-Will, 21st: Drakon

My first week away from home has inspired me some new Tangle Patterns!
I have had a lot of time for thinking, reading and doodling.
I am trying to clean out my brain and move more positive energy.
For now I don't want to talk or write too much about my life journey.
So, you just sit down, relax and enjoy my drawings! :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moved! & My 17th Pattern: Kuky

Hello everyone!
It's been a very busy week!
I moved to Abruzzi on Saturday and I'm now settling down. Hubby has gone back home (600 kms away).
Doing a lot of HO'OPONOPONO!!
I need to move energies!
Let's see what happens!
Hubby's cardioversion went well. He still has to take his pills anyway.But it's a start.

I haven't had a chance to draw lately, so today I'm sharing with you something I made last week.

A new tangle pattern called KUKY

and a door hanger dedicated to my fave badass hero: Machete! :)
I'm already in Halloween mood!!

See you soon!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

NEWS! and My 16th Pattern: WORMETTE

Hello, Dear Souls!!
After almost three weeks of silence, here I am again!
I now have a new internet connection that costs twice less than the one I had before. I have limited daily gigabytes, but it will be good enough for my needs.

In my last post I wrote about some news.
Here we go!

1) Hubby is having his cardioversion tomorrow morning. I hope everything is going well and that he can solve his problem.

2) In a few days I'll leave my house/hubby/cats and go away for a job in another region. Do you remember my little town in Abruzzi? Yes, there!! :) I have found some people for private English lessons. My Mom has a vacant flat there (my late Aunt's) and she agreed to leave it to me for some months. So, hey, next time I'll post from there! :)
Yesterday I was thinking about the steps that led me to the current situation. All the "coincidences" that happened when I asked for a CHANGE in my life:
- In December 2013 I lost my job.
- In February I had a surgery that freed me from 20+ years of pain.
- In May my Aunt died and left her flat vacant.
- In August, as we could not afford to go away for Summer holidays, we went to Abruzzi with my Mom and Dad. I met old friends and talked about finding a job. 
- In September I exchanged some emails with friends with children who needed some private English lessons (in Italy English is not taught well in schools).
In the midst of all this my hubby was diagnosed with heart problems and now he is going to solve them (cross fingers!!!). :)
Moreover, lately I have found a caterpillar (I hadn't seen one in years) which is a symbol of renovation/rebirth/change and I keep dreaming snakes and water.
Look how beautiful and strange it is!
So, I am more than convinced that this is going to be a good choice.
Wish me luck, my friends!
Being without internet left me more time for drawing and doodling.
I created my 16th Tangle Pattern

And here are a couple of "marine" drawings.
They told me I could be anything I wanted. So I chose to be a Unicorn.

Have a great week!
And see you soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

No Internet for a while...

I'm going to be without internet for some days. I had to close my telephone subscrition because it's too expensive right now. And now I'm trying to find a wi-fi only company. 
I'll be available via cellphone connection for some days.
Back from Trentino! My hubby had a job there for a couple of days, so we decided to go together. 
 Another worth a visit place. Wonderful mountains, good air and amazing landscapes.

While I was there I had the chance of visiting my dear friend PRIMITIVE HARE (click to visit her Etsy Shop)
She creates wonderful primitive stitching patterns and threadkeepers (all cut by herself!).
This is the one she gave to me.
As I'm not good at stitching, I decided to create something new out of it. :)
Stay tuned as I'm actually creating a tutorial.

That's all for now, folks!
See you soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remember my Crowdfunding Campaign?

Do you remember my Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign?
As I promised a couple of months ago, here is a juicy photo of all the supplies I purchased with those funds! :)
Acrylics, ink pens, markers, modelling paste, pencils, journals and paper!
You AWESOME SOULS made it happen! With those supplies I can make art for a loooooong time!
I'll show you some new pieces soon!

Last week I had to catch up with Fat Round Journal FB Group Challenge. The theme was Paradise/Heaven.
I am not a religious person. Not at all. I respect all religious thoughts, but I don't want/need to follow any. But, being raised in a Catholic environment still has some effect on me. Thinking about heaven brought this image to my mind. I just played with my intuitive drawing and blended it with a revised quote from John Milton's "Paradise Lost". I hope you like it.

And last but not least, here are some watercolor and ink postcards. A good way of recharging after two weeks far away from my pencils!! :)