Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updates #1

Oh, what an amazing week!
You wanna know what happened?

--- 1 ---
My funding campaign has started! A BIG HUG to our first 2 supporters!
You are SO AWESOME! I am already working on drawings to send!. :)
It means so much to me. Life is very hard, and I need every cent of my small check just for buying groceries and paying bills, so art supplies come third place...
As I wrote in my last post, you can also contribute by spreading the word about my campaign.

--- 2 --
Last week I have been very busy creating some new digital items for my Etsy Shop. A couple of years ago a friend asked me to make her some stationery for her wedding. So, apart from digital papers and ATCs, I decided to make some printable invitations, too. They are all customizable.
 Check them out HERE
And I sold one of my drawings, too! The little guy is flying to Canada! :)

Train Ticket Wedding Invitation

Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Keep an eye on my blog, because I'm also restarting to post some FREEBIES!

--- 3 ---
I have never made videos of my works in progress, because I didn't have a videocamera. Now I have asked my brother if he can lend me his.
Prepare to view a lot of silly videos!! :)
And to be asked tons of silly questions, ye who make videos! Ehehehe!!

That's all for now, folks!
See you soon! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Story Behind a Starving Artist


After much hard thinking and looking forward to changing the course of my life, I have decided to start a crouwdfunding campaign.
Money is fewer and fewer and in a few months I won't receive my unemployment check anymore.
So, here we are: me, my hubby and 4 cats trying to figure out how to get out of this tunnel.
Besides continuing to look for a new (regular) job, I would like to find a way to produce some items using my drawings. Totebags, postcards, prints and such that I can sell in fairs and online. At the moment I cannot afford even ordering samples.
And here it comes the crowdfunding! I will put at good use every penny I receive.

If you don't want to back my campaign, you can still help me by sharing it. I will appreciate it a lot! :)

Here is the link.
You can read the full story.

Yes, this is me! :0

Thank you everyone for your patience.
I will update this campaign often, so stay tuned. :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Something New

Last week I have been working on adding some new items in my Etsy and Society6 Shops.

I made some PRINTABLE BOOKMARKS for Etsy
I printed them with my Canon Inkjet Printer on 180gsm paper and then I laminated them. But you can print them on heavier paper and use them without laminating.

For Society6 I have uploaded a couple of my new SECRET GARDEN DRAWINGS. There are a lot of new items available now.

Look at this SHOWER CURTAIN!!!
There are also Rugs, Clocks, T-shirts, Pillows, totebags and much more.
I purchased some totebags in December, and the quality is truly high.

That's all for today.
See you! :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

What I have been up in March

It looks like this year I'm not being very "bloggy".
I admit that I am depressed about not having a job. I have sent so many CVs lately but nobody called me. Italy has entered a very big crisis and thousands of people are losing their jobs. The only ones working are those from non-European Community Countries... Moreover, due to Italian laws, if you are more than 35 years old you have a hard time finding a new job but you are also too young for retirement!
In a few months I won't receive my unemployment check anymore. What if I cannot find a job before July? How will I pay my bills? I cannot even sell my house, because the real estate business is almost dead. 
Anyway, as we say in Italy: "Hope is the last one to die". So, I'll keep calm and send more CVs.
I am also making some new items for my ETSY SHOP and for some custom orders. I'll show you in a couple of days.

I am a little behind with art challenges, but I have been very busy drawing and giving a try at painting.
This is some of the Art I have made in March. Luckily I have been longsighted and bought provisions of paper and colors last year!!! :)

Doodle Moleskine.

Owls cards that you can find in my Etsy Shop KAIZENDOODLES.

 Whimsical Doodle Gardens (on Etsy in a couple of days). Size is A4.

Paintings on wood. 50x50 cm. The first one is a mixed media work: collage, acrylics, charcoal, stamping. The second one is alcohol inks and acrylics.

Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art Journaling Challenges & One Month after Surgery

Hello Amazing Souls!
Today is exactly 4 weeks after surgery.
My scar is healing and I must say that I'm not at all completely used to NOT HAVING my usual chronic pains. I still can't believe it! I cannot even describe with words how I feel. But it's a great feeling!! 
I'm also catching up with all the lost sleep of the last 20+ years. Now I can sleep a whole night without waking up by cramps and pain. 
It's really good news, isn't it? :)

Next month I'm going to start a a new solo-challenge, but I will tell you about it in my next post.

I'm still following the four challenges I applied to. This is one of the good things about being unemployed (and, yay!, I started receiving my unemployment check!!). Eheheh!

These are some journal pages I made lately.


When I grow up I wanna be a free creative spirit...



"The Raven" by E.A. Poe

Remember that on Scrappin' Sisters you can find my DIORAMA tutorial!



See you soon!!! :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

First Tutorial for Scrappin' Sisters and a Portrait

Hello Lovelies!
Today I'm presenting my FIRST TUTORIAL down at SCRAPPIN' SISTERS!
I have written it in ENGLISH, too, so you can easily read it.
The subject is DIORAMA.
I have always been fascinated by those little hand built sceneries and tried them a few times.
The tutorial is a marine scene made using some of my clipart and easy to find materials.
Here is a sample of what you'll find on Scrappin' Sisters blog (click the link above to visit). 
And don't forget to leave your comments!
I hope you will like it.

As some of you already know, I'm not a Valentine's Day fan. But yesterday I wanted to thank my hubby for always being with me, above all during these difficult times.
So I cooked him some strawberry cupcakes and made him a portrait.
What do you think? :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

After Surgery...

Two weeks after surgery! :)
I must admit that this time it was tougher than four years ago. It was more invasive.
But, you know, two days ago I realized that I couldn't feel that tormenting and continuous pain in my lower back anymore. It was like a revelation! I have been so used to it that I almost didn't notice that it was gone...
I still have migraines and bones pain, but a great part of pain caused by endometriosis and cramps has magically disappeared. 
I AM REALLY HAPPY! (and the smile on my belly says it all... eheheh!!!)

During the last two weeks I have been resting and drawing a lot, catching up with challenges.

"Building a Character" for JOURNAL52

"Imbolc Whimsy" for WHIMSIES CHALLENGE.
This is Celtic Light Goddess Brighid.

Then I added some new items to my ETSY SHOP.
Check out these little journals with original hand drawn covers. :)

More to come soon!!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Before Surgery...

This is going to be my last post before surgery!
Yes! On Thursday my life will change forever.
I guess I'll be at the hospital for less than a week.

I'm leaving you with a couple of journal pages.

The challenge at SCRAPPIN' SISTERS was to create a journal page about your favorite group/singer/actor/actress.

I chose QUEEN. The best band of all times, for me. :)

For JOURNAL52 the theme was "you make me smile"

Ah ah! :)

I have also added some Valentines and Easter printables to my ETSY SHOP.
Check them out!
See you next week!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Challenges: Journal52, Fat Round Journal and Whimsy Challenge

One of my goals for this year, along with reopening my ETSY SHOP and posting often, is to keep up with some art challenges.

I have already talked to you about SCRAPPIN' SISTERS and JOURNAL52.
These are my last pages for them:
The themes were: Somewhere, a Simple Place and Dreams are Wishes.
Fat Round Journal is a private FB group of Italian girls from Scrappin' Sisters. We are making monthly themed pieces. After 12 months we will send our creations to our admin, who will create mixed journals to be sent out to each one of the participants. :)

The other challenge is very cute.
It is called WHIMSY CHALLENGE 2014.
Each week we have to draw a themed whimsical lady.
Pepi, the Admin, is a very talented artist. Visit her website for lots of videos, amazing tarot cards and a fantastic magazine! (You can find the link to her website on the right side of my blog.)
Here are my first four Whimsies:
(the second one has to be viewed upside down... ehehe!)
I decided to make them as ATCs and put them into my Doodle Moleskine.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Etsy Shop: New Opening!

I did it!
My Etsy shop is open again! :)

I changed its name and it is now called

Together with my original drawings you will also find some digital stamps sheets and a doodle planner:

This is a simple 3D page I made.

Have a nice day!